Communicate with Your Cat

As cat owner you have to know when your cat is trying to tell you something. Cats have their own way of communicating; you just have to know what these are. Like many other living things, they find a way to express themselves. Here is a look at some of the ways cats communicate.



Is your Cat Pregnant?

If your cat isn’t spayed and you allow her to venture outside while in heat, there are high chances she will mate. This means her chances of becoming pregnant are high. Cats come into heat season when they are between 4 to 12 months and at first mating, can become pregnant.

Signs of Pregnancy
• The first sign that indicates your cat is pregnant is the noticeable nipples change. 3 weeks after mating, they become enlarged and pinker.
• The cat also becomes affectionate and seeks your attention at all times.
• In some cases, there is also an increase of appetite.


Keeping a Dog

Keeping a dog has always been fun for some people. This is because this pet is always lovely and jovial towards its keeper. However, before keeping this animal in your home there are things that you need to know. Basically, there are different breeds of dogs.

They vary in terms of sizes, mannerism, color and other aspects. It is imperative that you take time to learn about different species of dogs before choosing the one to keep in your home. Find out which breed suits you as per your needs. Internet has made life easier. You can now find information on different breeds of dogs on the internet to guide you in making informed decision.


Keep Dogs in Your Home

Studies show that currently there are more pets among American households than children. These statistics have made more people want to keep pets in other parts of the world. Perhaps, you may be wondering why people like keeping pets.

Basically, there are many benefits that come with keeping a dog. A dog can help you in enhancing moods. Research indicates that people who have this pet in their homes have better temperament and mood. There are also studies that show that people suffering from different diseases have lesser chances of getting depressed if they keep dogs.


Taking care of your Cat

When the hot summer months kick in, everyone is affected by the heat and people try to find ways of cooling down. A cat, just like human beings need to be taken care of during summer in order to ensure it does not suffer from heatstroke or exhaustion. From time to time, you might be required to travel with your cat and when this happens, ensure you do not leave the cat in the car for long hours. If you have many errands to run and you won’t be able to move around with your cat, you are better off leaving it at home where it does not have to stay locked up.


How to tell if your Dog is Sick

When you have a dog, it soon becomes part of your family and you have to take care of it like you would any other member of the family. Having a sick dog is nerve racking and especially if you don’t know the signs to look out for. Knowing whether your dog is sick is important as it makes it easy to deal with the sickness and also help it get better. When suddenly your dog does not smell, look act or feel okay, you should know there is definitely something wrong. You should also know how to check the temperature of your dog. When it lower or higher than the recommended 101 to 1020 Fahrenheit you should seek help from your vet.


Socializing Your Cat with Adults and Others

You already know that your cat is a social creature, and there are ways to enhance your cat’s sociability with other people and animals. This is not to say that all cats will be equal in how social they are - people are not equal in their social lives either. Some cats are more introverted while others are the life of the party. However, you can get your cat to be comfortable in a social setting.

Most cats are curious about people, but that curiosity does not translate into wanting to be handles or prodded by grown-ups or children. It is important, though, to get your cat used to other people so that you can avoid any aggression or neurosis when people come around your home.


Improve Your Cat’s Weight

Cats with obesity problems are detected in approximately 25% of total pet cats. Apart from overweight issue, there are several cats that are underweight but do not get the needed attention to save them and make their lives happier. In fact, a lot of tips and pieces of information have been written about how you can get your obese cat lose weight; while there is limited information available about how cat owners can help their skinny cat to gain weight.


Is Your House Pet Proof?

Here’s a trick question when deciding to get a cat or dog: Is your pet house proof? Just what does that actually mean? In a nutshell, it’s about being aware of the parasites, both internal and external which your fluffy friend might come into contact with.

Even if they are tiny insects, these can harm the animal and cause severe illnesses. Preventing these things from happening is simple. You just have to know what to do in order to act accordingly.

Let’s start with the external trouble-makers, shall we? Fleas are parasites which inhabit the fur of the dogs/cats causing itchiness and skin irritation. They are likely to be picked up from grass, when your pet is running around or playing.


German Shepherd: Meet Your Furry Protector

The German Shepherd breed of dogs is considered as being instituted by Captain Max von Stephanitz during the late 19th century, and initially used to herd sheep, thus, its name. Through the years, the roles of these dogs have slightly changed through selective breeding. They are bred for particular jobs or working environments like obedience, tracking, and protection.